Penis Extendes… Become The Ever-Ready Stallion Say Goodbye to Small Dicks

  • Are you unsatisfied with the length or thickness of your penis?
  • Do you feel it could be straighter? Do you wish to have stronger and harder erections?
  • Or are you willing to explore and improve your sexual prowess with a larger penis?

Then penis extenders are for you.

It is no news that nearly all men are in search of ways to enlarge their penises in length and girth. Penis extenders are the easiest, cost saving and most effective way to increase your penis size permanently.

What are they?

Penis extenders are medically tested devices that help to straighten penis curvature, increase penis size in length and girth, improve penis health (new healthy cells are created in the Corpora Cavernosa) and enhance penis erection. Extenders differ in the level of comfort they provide so the time a man would wear it and the results he gets.

How do they work?

Penis extenders are the most effective way to enlarge your penis without going under the knife.

They are also useful in treating erectile dysfunction. Penis stretching works by providing a traction force along the penis causing its tissues to grow and multiply leading to an increase in length and girth. This traction force does this by causing a repeated stress and strain on the penile tissues (at the microscopic level), which stimulates or initiates formation of new cells in the corpora cavernosa (the part of the penis responsible for formation of erections). This process happens at the cellular level and hence is safe and painless.

using-a-penis-extenderHow do you use it?

So you finally purchased the much talked about penis extender, what next?

Using it isn’t tricky at all and they all come with manuals, so follow the directions.

Ideally they should be worn for 6-8 hours and you can divide them into two sessions for example 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night. They are ideally lightweight (hence comfortable) and should be worn when your penis is NOT erect- meaning when it is flabby. It is important to remember that the degree of enlargement depends on how long you wear them for, but you will still see positive results if you wear them for up to 5- 6 hours every day.

How do you choose the best one for you?

  • Choose a certified product with top quality materials- they should be durable, tested, safe and effective.
  • Don’t settle for inexpensive untrusted brands.
  • Look for one with a comfort strap so the device can be worn comfortably for as long as you need to wear them. Usually, as they are lightweight and do not cause any discomfort you should be able to wear them for as long as you need to, without noticing.
  • Do your own research before choosing one.

What results should you expect?


Within the first 6 weeks, you should see an increase in length of about 1 inch. By the third month, another inch will be gained. Over 6 months to a year, most users have noticed an increase in length of about 4 inches and an increase in thickness of about 1.5 inches.

Other benefits of using penis stretching extender include, improved blood supply which would in turn give your harder, longer lasting erections and would increase your penile sensitivity leading to a more enjoyable sexual experience for you and of course, your partner.

Still others include a boost in your confidence, increased stamina, improved libido and eradication of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Once you have gained this new stallion sized penis, you can now bring to an end the use of this device. Remember, with penis extenders, the increase in size is permanent.

To stop using the device, it is advisable to stop gradually or in a tapered manner rather than abruptly. For instance, if you used to wear it for 8 hours every day, reduce to 6 hours during the first week; 4 hours during the second week; 2 hours during the third week and an hour during the fourth week before you finally stop using it.

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