Can Penis Pumping Help You with Erection Problems?


There have been a lot of doubts about the benefits and effectiveness of penis pumping.
The most common questions asked are:

  • “How do they work?”,
  • “What is the best way to utilize them?”,
  • “Do they actually help?”, and
  • “Are they safe?”.

All these questions are focused on the effectiveness and utility of these devices. You have probably met many guys who are leading an unhappy and dissatisfied sexual life due to the problems of erectile dysfunction or loose sexual organ. These pumps are useful for them to make things work the best way possible. However, many guys worry about the safe use of pumping because according to them, the excessive use can pose severe problems as well as unwanted side effects.

Penis pumps are not new to men. They have been in use for many years and are still very popular. Men in stable relationships who do not get desired results from impotence treatment pills or who do not wish to take medications at all, prefer to use them. These days, there are various advanced types of these devices available that are not only safe but also easy to use. Additionally, they can also be used for private pleasure due to their vibrating mechanism.

hydro-penis-pumpsHow Do These Pumps Work?

In a nutshell, penis pumps draw blood into the male organ. There are three main parts: a tube that fits over the male member, a pump which is powered by hand or by a battery, and a compression ring which is placed around the base of the penile. The device takes advantage of a vacuum therapy that is helpful for drawing blood into the genital naturally that results in rigidity and increased size of the dick. The mechanism is great and helps the male organ to return to its normal functioning state.

Are They Effective?

As far as the erection is concerned, pumping work great and is effective. For male enhancement purposes, however, using them alone does not help with length and thickness, as these improvements are temporary and only last for a few hours (or for as long as the compression ring is placed around the base of the penile). Although according to a research, the use of these devices helps strengthen the muscles of the penile. It is recommended to use them along with a regular male enhancement exercise, for example, jelqing or any other penis stretching exercise to get maximum results. They can also be used as a warm up before jelqing.

The answer to whether these devices work depends specifically on the recommended purpose for which it is used. As mentioned before, pumping is used mainly to improve blood flow into the cock, which is a miracle for males suffering from erectile dysfunction. They are effective for this purpose and have been working great for many years and helped numerous guys worldwide.


Another great advantage of these awesome devices is that they help with Peyronie’s disease, which is a form of erectile dysfunction and causes severe bending of the dick. In this way, they help straighten the male organ, which adds length in a sense.

When you talk about their effectiveness specifically for male enhancement purposes, the answer is probably negative. Despite the fact that they do cause a temporary swelling that looks like a size increase, there is no reason, either theoretical or evidence-based that this change is permanent.

What Are the Side Effects?

Individuals having issues of erectile dysfunction suffer from psychological anxiety, absurdity, depression, and stress. Some may have complaints of diabetes as well. Nevertheless, such individuals are unsure about the use of pumping in certain cases. They are not sure whether these devices will help them to cure their conditions. Most of these individuals are afraid of potential side effects. According to a study, there are no side effects of penis pumps, however, if they are used improperly it may result in severe physiological complications. Therefore, they should be used in a proper way.

Should I Use them?

It completely depends on your needs. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then these pump are a great way to help you sustain an erection. But, if you want to use them to lengthen your penile, then it is recommended to use them along with other methods, for example, a regular exercise program. If your problem is more severe, then you should visit a doctor and consider male enhancement supplements.

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