Penis Size – Big vs. Small

The question about penis size has always been a significant one. And many males around the world have argued about which one is better. There are various misconceptions and myths of penile size. It is also a clear fact that the matter of penile being small or big is purely subjective.


Nonetheless the issue is still there, and it forces our mind to think again: “Does size matter?”. However, instead of trying to resolve this issue, it is better to simply compare the advantages and disadvantages of both sides and then try to figure things out from there. Following are some pros and cons of both genital sizes. However, those will not focus on physical appearance, but will demonstrate that both sides have their own share of ups and downs.

Having a “Big” Penis

big-penisThe Good:

  • Most guys who have a bigger cock, tend to have more confidence. They do not shy from engaging in sexual relationships with women as well as socializing and dating.
  • There is a feeling of masculinity and power. You surely feel proud and happy about it.
  • For many women, size does matter, and that’s why they are very lucky.
  • Some unique and impossible sex positions, such as, the head spinner becomes possible and easy with a dexterous and super-long dick. There are many other positions where the big size helps. On the other hand, some women can twist their bodies into some really weird positions during sex, in that case, having a large male organ size does not help.

The Bad:

  • Confidence is a good thing, but being excessively cocky and confident is a turn off for many women. Their world does not revolve around the size of a man’s dick.
  • Sex can be really painful for women, especially in certain positions. It has been confirmed many times. Some women actually prefer a small ‘male organ’.
  • It is a false impression that having a bigger penis means more enjoyable and better sex. Better sex is not related to bigger penile size. Lots of women experience stronger and powerful orgasms with men who are usually smaller, especially in the average range. In short, sexual performance is favored over size.
  • Some women do become afraid when they look at the erection of a big dick. And if the sex is rough, their entire vagina can get sore the next day.
  • Blowjob is also not much enjoyable unless it involves gagging, which most women do not like.
  • Oral and anal sex is scary and could be a real problem.
  • Guys with big dicks tend to shift their tool around a lot during sexual intercourse because it’s uncomfortable.

Having a “Small” Penis

The Good:

  • Big dick has its perks. But there are women who actually prefer a small size penile over a big one. In this case, guys having small penis are lucky.
  • Another false impression is that men having small dicks are not good in bed. Males who think they are inadequate, find other ways to have fun and satisfy women in bed.
  • No discomfort or tearing during sex, which means you can easily go for additional rounds without giving your partner a tough time.
  • Blow jobs are more enjoyable as it’s easier for your partner to fit your cock in their mouth without worrying about gag reflex.
  • Anal and oral sex is not quite as scary.
  • Basic sex positions, such as, missionary, woman on top, doggie style, etc. work very well and don’t cause pain in your woman’s internal organs.

small-penisThe Bad:

  • Guys who worry about their penis size tend to lack confidence, that’s why they shy away from engaging in sexual relationships with women. Lack of confidence is a major turn off for most women.
  • Some women simply are not happy or sexually satisfied with small dicks.
  • Hard-to-reach positions, such as, standing up or stomach are quite difficult to achieve.
  • Sometimes you are inside of her and she barely even knows it.
  • Small penis also tends to slide out. Especially during ‘woman on top’ position.

Above comparison simply shows that there are pros and cons in both sides. No matter what size you have, there are always some advantages and disadvantages. It’s true that most guys want to enlarge their male organ. But in the end, the matter of penile being small or big is subjective. Not every guy in the world wants the same thing. Eventually, it’s all about accepting what you have, or taking steps to change that.

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